About Us

Everyone has to start somewhere and that is why we founded this site!

Video is fast becoming the medium of the 21st century and is set to overturn the printed word for the most viewed content on the internet.

So naturally, more and more people are turning to video to promote themselves and their brand.

But, not everyone knows how to do it right and this is where we come in.

We were set up to offer insight and hints into shooting a professional looking video, with as little fuss as possible.

We can’t pretend that you will get it right the first time, but follow our tips and with a little patience, you will soon be shooting first rate video content, that will wow your followers.

Our site was started by video producer Vince Alexander, who taught himself everything from scratch, simply by watching and following the advice he could find on the internet.

Because it wasn’t easy for a novice to learn this way, he set about putting together his experiences into one easy to find place, for all future amateurs to benefit from.

And since then, he hasn’t looked back!

Today, he is joined by a group of bloggers and tech gurus, all offering their time for free and willing to help beginners with clues and insight into creating truly knockout video content.

Our site is regularly updated and we welcome all feedback and any questions you may have!

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